PODCAST SERIES: Ilaiyaraaja – a musical movement


Part 1 – Introduction 

Personal Connect – Film Music and the Need for a different look at it – Agenda of the Series


Part 2 – Brief History of Music

Music – God or Man made – Early Man’s music – Music of civilizations – Music of Medieval era – Music of Classical era – Western classical Music – Carnatic Music – Tamil classical music


Part 3 – History of 20th Century Music & Raaja’s Arrival

20th century and the state of classical music in West & East – Worldwar, Carnatic – Birth of Film music – Tamil & Hollywood – MSV – Annakili & Raaja’s arrival – significance

Part 4 – Building blocks – Folk and Carnatic Music

Musical Analysis – why is it difficult – Building blocks – Folk Rhythms, Metre – Tamil Rhythm and Rhyme – Carnatic music – What is a raagam – Functioning of a melodic scale – What Raagam provides a composer


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